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Our Fees

All of our fees are in-line with other passport issuing offices. Please note that these fees do not include postage back to you. Please either provide a stamped addressed return envelope (with sufficient postage), or add the "Recorded Return Post Fee" to you service fee.

All cheques should be made payable to: Veteran Horse Society

If your passport requirement is urgent, then we are able to Fast Track your application for an additional fee. In this case we will process your passport on the day received, and return to you via Registered Post. This service will need someone to sign for the passport when delivered. The "Fast Track" Fee is in addition to the service fee, but includes the postage costs.

Service Rate (£)
New Passport Application £ 25.00
Transfer of Ownership £ 20.00
Change Of Address £ 15.00
Duplicate Passport £ 25.00
Passport Amendments £ 15.00
Transfer of Ownership, plus a Duplicate Passport £ 40.00
Change of Address, plus a Duplicate Passport £ 40.00
Transfer of Ownership, with Equine Amendments £ 30.00
Change of Address, with Equine Amendments £ 30.00
Counter Signing Section IX for Equine Export £ 15.00
Fast Track Service £ 20.00
Return of Passport via Registered Post £ 6.00

Online Payments

Passport Fees can now be paid on-line using your PayPal account. Ensure you have completed the right forms and then use the on-line payment form to pay your payment - safe and secure.

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