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In the event of the death of your horse, the passport must be returned to the original Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within 30 days.

If your horse's passport was issued by the VHS please return this to our Passport Office, together with the notification form.

We are happy to return passports to you if requested. You should understand that to comply with government rules, we must stamp each page of the passport with the words "INVALID".

Whilst we make no charge for this, we do ask that a stamped addressed envelope be supplied with sufficient postage if you would like the passport returned.

Abattoir: If your horse is euthanased at an abattoire, the passport must accompany the horse. In these instances the slaughter house personnel are responsible for returning the passport to the correct PIO with the relevant information.

Insurance Companies: If you are proceeding with a mortality claim with your insurance company, please ensure that you contact the insurance company before returning your horse’s passport. It is highly likely that the insurance company will request that the passport is sent to them before it is returned to the relevant PIO. All insurance companies are fully aware of the 30 day time restriction and will return the passport to the original PIO, on your behalf, before the deadline. Ensure that you make it very clear to the insurance company should you wish to have the passport returned to you as a keepsake so that the insurance company can notify the PIO accordingly.